The National Solar Energy Institute (INES) is France’s center of reference in the field of solar energy. Based at Savoie Technolac on the shores of Lake Bourget, the institute was set up with the backing of Savoie Départemental Council and Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, and includes research and development teams from the CEA, CNRS, University of Savoie and CSTB.

Research and innovation

The Research and Innovation Division ensures close links between pure research and applied research carried out in association with industry on solar thermal, photovoltaic and building energy.

Training and evaluation

The Training and Evaluation Division specializes in training, developing expertise and compiling feedback.




Institut pour la transition énergétique


December 03, 2015 INES and its partners on COP21

INES and its industrial partners at the heart of COP21 and solutions for today and tomorrow on...
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July 08, 2015 HomeSkin project

The HomeSkin project, in which the CEA is a partner, is developing an aerogel containing...
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June 26, 2015 A strategic partnership with Meyer Burger

CEA researchers at INES have joined an R&D program with component manufacturer Meyer Burger...
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July 15, 2015 800-kilo mono-like ingots

CEA researchers at INES have recently developed a directional solidification furnace in...
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July 10, 2015 Thermal solar & heat pump seminar

On October 21, 2015, INES will host its thermal solar and heat pump seminar. This event, organized...
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France attends Intersolar

On June 10–12, INES attended the Intersolar Europe trade show in Munich alongside SteadySun and other partners, taking advantage of the French... read more

Solarrok: a photovoltaic tour of Europe

The Solarrok project partners recently organized a “PV Tour of Europe” during which three Turkish, Egyptian, and Tunisian delegations were invited to... read more

Rooftop solar and the energy transition, the solution for tomorrow's cities

The Construire sur les toits rooftop construction event organized by INES and the CEA on July 7 in Paris attracted 148 prime contractors and other... read more

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